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31, Aug 2017 by Joana

10 Designer Bar Stools Trending Right Now

10 Designer Bar Stools Trending Right Now

Unique stools for restaurant and hotel projects are one of the toughest challenges ever. The truth is that interior designers have to keep in mind a lot of considerations and aspects, some related to height, material, and others related with simple details as whether or not should have a back, or even if the type of bar counter stools match the general design already there. In this article you can find a selection of amazing designer bar stools to complete your Restaurant/Bar project.


Bar design involves many aspects, from the choice of stool to the table setting, and also relates to interior design. This counter height stools selection can bring some inspiration to your bar design.



Besides, creating a stylish and unforgettable bar will leave a strong impression to customers and attract more customers.

Metal in bar stools are a growing trend where the pieces are as much about function as style. This amazing bar stools, can be used in lofts, modern homes or commercial spaces around the world, as these design pieces showcases neutral tones and metal surfaces.

NANOOK is the master of bears, the one who decides the luck of the hunters in the Arctic regions. This comfortable chair blends the beauty and grandiosity of this animal through the robust body covered by blue satin cotton. NANOOK velvet chair embodies a myth from Inuit culture and tells a story while you leave yourself to its comfort.

>>Do you have any favorite kitchen bar stools from this selection? For more modern bar chairs inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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