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05, Sep 2017 by Joana

5 Color Trends For Stylish Restaurant Bar Stools

5 Color Trends For Stylish Restaurant Bar Stools

Colors make a big difference in the overall look of a room. A certain color palette can either help you brighten up space – as neutrals or oranges – or create a moody atmosphere – as grays or navy blues. If you want to pick a trendy color for your next project, let yourself be inspired by our selection of 5 color trends for stylish restaurant bar stools. Bar stools can spice up an entire with not only its design but also its color. Keep scrolling to find how!

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This shade of pink is only for the bold ones. These upholstered bar chairs are bold and stylish and will definitely make a statement in any restaurant. The golden detailing around the back adds a glamorous touch, making these chairs a trendy piece for a stylish restaurant design.


Neutral bar stools with backs are classic and timeless. They go with everything and make any room look chic and put together. Plus, it allows you to create the most incredible color combinations having a neutral as a base. And just because the lighting it is a very important restaurant interior design element…and if you liked them, you’ve COLTRANE suspension and wall lamp.

Navy Blue

Navy blue breathes elegance and sophistication. As you can see from the picture above, it also looks stunning paired with vibrant colors as orange.


Next to neutrals, gray is another timeless color. It can instantly create a sophisticated decor. In this restaurant, the bar stools with arms have a simple yet elegant style while still having a strong presence.


Orange will pop in any room thanks to its vibrant and warm color. Just like these leather bar stools that give a vintage yet chic touch to the bar design.

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Do you have any favorite bar stools with backs from this selection? For more inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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