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20, Sep 2017 by Joana

7 Kitchen Counter Stools That Will Uplift Your Décor

Do you want to make you kitchen out of ordinary? Do you want use some simple pieces to uplift your decor? This article might give you some inspirations. Counter & Bar Stools select 7 kitchen counter stools for you which will enhance the style of your kitchen with their stunning design styles.

The stripe design on the upholstery looks exquisite, while the wooden base keeps consistency with the wooden counter and brings a fresh sense to the kitchen.


The wooden counter height stools are natural and simple and the color also echoes with the lights. Since the style of the kitchen is simple, these wooden stools will make people feel relaxed and provide a comfortable place for rest.

In the white environment, the wooden base inject a pop of color into this kitchen, while the white upholstery keeps consistency with the counter. At the same time, flowers and pink cups make this room vivid and lovely through this simple breakfast stools.

If you want to inject a home bar into your home, these velvet stools will make your room luxurious. The wooden base looks elegant, while the upholstery adds chic and luxury into room.

Nº20 COUNTER STOOL is a stunning piece that combines classic and contemporary. Inspired by nature, it will provide comfort with it fabric, while the exquisite structure will inject a touch of artistry.

This MOHAWK STOOL will be a statement in your dining room decor. The strong industrial elements in the copper base speak harmoniously with the comfort and elegance of the leather upholster. It will leave a deep impression on everyone’s mind.

The design of the stool’s back is natural and exquisite that makes people feel relaxed and pleased. Meanwhile, the iron base improves the style of the room, injecting a sense of industry.

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