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24, Aug 2017 by Joana

6 Bar Stools With Backs That Will Add Luxury To Any Décor

Today, Counter and Bar Stools brings you 6 amazing bar stools with backs you can use to add some stylish luxury to any interior design project. Take a look and feel inspired!



Whether you are looking for some modern bar stools designs for your home decor or restaurant interior project, we have a selection of some of the best to inspire you. These are all statement upholstered bar stools that will help you create a smashing space!

Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº20 bar chair was raise through a long journey of a total set of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature. Nº20 distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in this fabric, a beautiful and standing out velvet, and its structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature.

Creating a stylish and unforgettable bar will leave a strong impression to customers and attract more customers. Bar design involves many aspects, from the choice of stool to the table setting, and also relates to interior design. Velvet bar stools are an excellent option to create a warm, yet luxurious environment.

How to choose the suitable color of the bar stools with arms and other furniture is an important issue. Different colors can create different atmospheres and make customers have different feelings. The choice of color depends on the type of the bar. For example, green is the color of the season and can make customers feel fresh and clean.

Do you have any favorite bar stools with backs from this selection? For more inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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