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18, Oct 2018 by pnogueira

Best Bar decor ideas you can get from NoMad in New York

Best Bar ideas you can get from NoMad in New York

In Manhattan’s North of Madison Park neighborhood, the NoMad bar will let you immerse in a magical French atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to inspire you with one of the best bar decor ideas you can find in New York.

Right around the corner of the already known NoMad hotel, the bar was purchased both as an extension to the hotel and as an independent destination. The beautiful location has been entirely restored by Stonehill & Taylor architects, who have been able to reverse time on the building and to bring it again to its past glory and it certainly is one of the best bar decor ideas you can find in New York.

The place has been conceived as a restaurant interior design concept with a tavern atmosphere, and its interiors create a continuum with the hotel French-inspired design. This can be seen in the use of marble mosaic floors,  in the Persian rugs and in the choice of rich textures and colors.

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The two-floor bar area design is another subtle nod to France and to the glorious past of the place. The focal point is the marvelous copper and wood counter bar and the antique mirror right behind it. The lower floor is filled with round green leather stools and matched with same colours banquettes.

Upstair, on the other hand, we find black armchair both in velvet and leather, with wooden legs.

Lastly, to emmerge even more the bar area design in the neighborhood atmosphere, the NoMad bar is completed with photography captured by local photographer MacKenzie Rollins within two blocks of the area.



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