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18, Oct 2018 by pnogueira

Dimore Studio interiors – an opulent bar furniture scheme at London

Dimore Studio interiors - an opulent bar furniture scheme at London

The style of the Dimore Studio interiors now characterizes one of the most well-known London best bars. In fact, the Italian duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran,  worldwide known as Dimore Studio have been tasked with the designing of the new interiors of Leo’s inside The Arts Club on Dover Street, in Mayfair, London. This is a major event for The Arts Club since it represents its most significant transformation since the overhaul of 2011.

Leo’s interior design guides you through influences from the 1960s, with a mix of contemporary retro and oriental elements. In fact, one of the secrets of the Dimore Studio interiors duo is that they dare to mix a number of colours, bar furniture, and styles. These bar decor ideas are divided into two areas – a bar with a counter and counter stools and a nightclub with a stage.

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The bar’s wallpaper is dark with geometric patterns, while green Guatemalan marble has been chosen by the two designers for the countertop. A touch of glamour is added by the velvet brass counter bar stools, upholstered in dark pink shade.

The nightclub, conversely, is characterized by a long sofa in orange and cognac, which runs around the perimeter and delineates circular booth.

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Each booth features tables with lacquered enamel surfaces with concentric colored circles, or palm tree pattern and a central brass and steel foot. In each table, the Dimore Studio has also placed modern chairs with a central foot and flower-patterned lamps inspired by the oriental lanterns.

The floor is a unique parquet with brass detailing, while a deep hues purple carpet covers the surface of the platform.

Furthermore, the stage features a brass portal and a bamboo curtain, hand-painted with white and pink lotus blossoms on a pale blue background.

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