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18, Oct 2018 by pnogueira

Discover the best bar decor ideas from London bars to steal

London is world-knowing for the traditional´s pubs. But today, Counter and Bar Stools has pulled together a list of London´s very best bar decor ideas you can steal from London bars. So, to prove a point, we want to inspire you with a sample of the most sophisticated and mesmerizing cocktail bars that will let you with the desire to sit up in a fantastic bar chair and just enjoyed the night.

Gabeto by Keane

This Cuban-influenced restaurant bar is taking up one massive stable block in Camden Market and can accommodate from 20- 350 guests. The bar decor idea makes use of its converted warehouse setting, twinned exposed brickwork and dark wood flooring against art pieces and neon signs lights hanging on the wall. Moving from the first floor, you are led into the dining room by an industrial staircase before being greeted by high-level dining booths and retro furniture. For drinks, they deliver cocktails and a carefully curated wine list.

Clarette by Alexandre Waterworth Interiors

Clarette is a deliciously posh spot that makes buying two types of public. In the first floor, it´s a very swanky wine bar set within a classic bar decor ideas, Clarette is a curious mash-up between a modern pub and traditional cocktail bar. There are lavish pink velvet modern bar stools and marble luxury furniture, but also grille windows and a couple of weird painted glass crest.

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Brickfields by Gruff Ltd

With only 2 years old, Brickfields is a modern bar offering a vast array of drinks and food. It´s a good place for a late night drinking and meeting friends. An uncompromising modern with modern bar stools, stylish place with a cool atmosphere and energetic crowd, the customers can relax after a hectic busy day.

Little Bird by Inhouse Design

With a sunny holiday vibe with a background in interiors, the cocktail bar outdoor terrace creates botanical and fruity concoctions. In the inside, we can find original artworks and a bright color scheme reflecting its tropical style. Inhouse Design makes an interior design concept full of light and airy with lots of foliage and intimate tables, making the perfect mood for a late night drink or even a happy and relaxed time with friends.

Sake & Whiskey by Victoria Vogel

This bar is a true chameleon. It can adapt itself to cater for intimate dinners for 10 to an all-out house party for 250. A series of open spaces, intricate rooms, and outdoor terraces boast their own unique bar decor ideas. Different philosophies and eras are represented visually in a patchwork of risqué, eclectic wallpapers, exquisite marble bar stool, and sleek yet welcoming luxury furniture.

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The Allegory by Fusion Design and Architecture

The Allegory is the latest venture from the Drake & Morgan group. With a modern interior design concept surrounded with a young and refresh atmosphere the bar decor idea has exposed lightbulbs hang from high ceilings; faux-fur pelts rest on the upholstered seats. With 175 covers inside and another 86 outside it´s certainly the right place if you work nearby and need somewhere for a swish business lunch or after-hours dinner and drinks.



Vagabond Wines by Finch Interiors

Vagabond’s a smart-looking place, run by keen, understated, well-informed staff. This is the perfect place to meet friends, enjoy a really amazing bar decor ideas and discover new wines because they have many bottles of wine to choose from, each with an explanation of where they are from/what to pair them with.

Browse our selection of counter & bar stools for even more inspirations, or follow our Restaurant Bar Stools Board for inspiration.


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