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09, Nov 2018 by pnogueira

Los Angeles Best Bars To Bring Yours Friend For A Drink

Unlike a lot of cocktail towns, Los Angeles is not beholden to any traditions and as with pretty much everything in L.A., it can be overwhelming to pick a bar to visit. However, the following bars are where Angelenos and foreigners get-togethers for a casual drink breathe in history with old school martinis or Tiki classics from historical landmarks like Accomplice or Sotto. Here now, the essential Los Angeles best bars to bring your friends for a drink.


Los Angeles Best Bars – Accomplice

This first integrant of Los Angeles best bars boasting some of the culinary-minded cocktails in the city, and tucked behind very good modern Taiwanese restaurant Little Fatty, Accomplice serves cocktails play with lesser-known Asian ingredients, adding them to familiar cocktails like the “whiskey (sweet and) sour,” made with ginger, sesame, aquafaba, amaretto, and whiskey.


Broken Shaker

Los Angeles Best Bars- Broken Shaker

One of the Los Angeles best bars if your intention is to impress friends or a date at this rooftop spot featuring two tiki bars, a pool, and killer views. The drink menu features riffs on tiki classics with Angeleno-friendly spirits like mezcal and tequila, but bartenders will deftly whip up drinks based on personal tastes, too.


Los Angeles Best Bars- Sotto

In Los Angeles, Jonathan Gold explores the meaty ways of Sotto, from “abattoir jocks” Steve Samson and Zack Pollack. This intimate, Los Angeles best bars have an Italian-themed bar at the entrance of one of the city’s most delicious Southern Italian restaurants is great for date night, or for a casual catch up with friends.

Musso & Frank Grill

Los Angeles Best Bars- Musso & Frank Grill

For a literal taste of old Hollywood swagger with its mahogany bar and red leather banquettes, every Angeleno ( regulars or young locals) knows to order a perfect Martini generously poured, served up and with a sidecar at one of most iconic Los Angeles best bars, Musso & Frank off Hollywood Boulevard.

The Virgil

Los Angeles Best Bars – The Virgil

There’s a solid list of house cocktails, as well as a great selection of whiskey. This one of Los Angeles best bars essential no-fuss neighbourhood bars with nightly entertainment. The crowd is mainly Eastsiders out looking for a good time. To sum up is perfect for spot for dancing with friends, without having to worry about a dress code, or enjoying a post-work happy hour drink.


Gracias Madre

Los Angeles Best Bars- Gracias Madre

This Los Angeles best bars it´s a vegan Mexican restaurant that features as some of the most innovative and creative cocktails in L.A. The best strategy for maximum satisfaction is to order food that’s already primarily vegan without much re-engineering—think guacamole, sopes, and enchiladas with mole. Barman Maxwell Reis is constantly thinking outside the box with his CBD-spiked version of a modern classic, Medicina Latina.

The Varnish

Los Angeles Best Bars- The Varnish

Expect a stylish crowd and masterfully made drinks at the rear of the legendary Cole’s, an unmarked door leads to The Varnish, one of the first to revive the speakeasy-style classic cocktail movement in L.A. The room oh this Los Angeles best bars is intimate and full of well-dressed cocktail aficionados. It’s a must for anyone wanting to get a primer on the local bar scene.

The Bar at Chateau Marmont

Los Angeles Best Bars – The Bar at Chateau Marmont

The Bar at Chateau Marmont incorporated old-school Hollywood cool and offers classic, delicious cocktails to match in an exclusive setting. In this Los Angeles best bars, the Old Fashioned is as good as they come, and the “Night of the Iguana” is every booze lover’s dream, made with the buzziest ingredients du jour: mezcal, green chartreuse, Benedictine, Lillet Blanc, habanero shrub, and sage. The bar is a great stop along the classic Hollywood circuit for a romantic date night or a power meeting of epic proportions.

Bar Covell

Los Angeles Best Bars – Bar Covell

It’s undoubtedly one of America’s great wine bars with a large, interesting selection and knowledgeable bartenders. This intimate Los Angeles best bars are the perfect wine bar for oenophiles and casual wine drinkers alike. While it’s definitely a bar for oenophiles, don’t worry if you’re not an expert. Go for a date or a catch up with friends.

Del Monte Speakeasy

Los Angeles Best Bars- Del Monte Speakeasy

Formerly a speakeasy, Del Monte has kept its playful, traditional vibe while updating its classic cocktails with inventive twists. This Los Angeles best bars has been a hidden hideout since 1915. During Prohibition, Townhouse secretly operated the space located underneath a grocery store.  Now, both the interior and the menu have been revamped, but the low-slung ceilings and storied history.

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