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04, Aug 2018 by pnogueira

New York best bars to go today – Ophelia, an ecletic jewel

New York best bars to go today - Ophelia, an ecletic jewel

On the top of the Panhellenic Beekman Tower, in Manhattan’s Midtown District there is one of New York best bars, the Ophelia Lounge, an authentic jewel.

The tower, designed in 1928 by the American Architec John Mead Howells, originally seved as an hotel ad lounge reserved to college graduated women belonging to national Greek-letter sororities. However, in 1930 the space has been opened to the publice and a new era began and the rooftop restaurant has became one of Frank Sinatra, Miles David and Frank Zappa’s favourite place.

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Last February the Ophelia lounge opened its doors in this bulding full of history, showing to the world elgant interiors and an incredible panoramic view and combining a sense of intimacy, and confidently-crafted cocktails.

Entering the bar, while emerging from one of the three elevators, the first thing that capture your eyes is the pewter-cast bar, with its stool upholstered in deep red velvet from the italian textile company Alessandro Bini.

Additionally, as a reminder of the place’s past, you’ll find three paneled windows with an original 1920s iron framework, while the walls combine two shades of blue: a Bone China blue and a more modern royal shade.

Along the whole perimeter there are luxurios banquettes, matched to the deep red velvet  of the counter stools, Lined to the banquettes we find white marble exagonal tables, while the whole floor is made of black and white tiles.

Being one of New York best bars, the Ophelia Lounge not only surpises you with its incredible interior design, but also with its 360-degree views on the city. In fact, a continuous bank of windows offer you a total rooftop view, both on the north and on the south side.

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