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22, Sep 2017 by Joana

The Best Brass Stools and Bar Chairs For Your Projects

Metal and brass stools are a growing trend where the pieces are as much about function as style. The metal counter stools we show you, can be used in lofts, modern homes or commercial spaces around the world, as these design pieces showcases neutral tones and metal surfaces.

KOI carp by BRABBU is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice, or most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like the KOI stooI that you can use to create a statement spot in the room. The KOI scales that compose the panels of the stool shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp  also a symbol of love and friendship.

The whole shape of these modern bar stools can give you the impression that you just walk into a 50’s or 60’s bar, on the other hand the golden base and feet of the Kelly bar chair can make you feel that you are on a 50’s very luxurious bar. The shape of the back support is made to endure and be comfortable, that could be translated into hours spent at the bar, enjoying a cocktail or two. Enjoy this amazing contemporary bar stools wherever you like. Brass stools are here to stay.

Transparent brass stools are a fashionable addition to any contemporary design. They are light and don’t collide with any design complementing easily many styles. If you desire to spice up your project with trendy pieces go for acrylic transparent barstools with a touch of brass.

You can also go for a colorful look by using the metal finish with a nice color!


>> Do you have any favorite brass stool from this selection? For more modern bar chairs inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!




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