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10, Jan 2018 by pnogueira

10 inspiring upholstered bar stools you want for 2018

Great bar and kitchen design ideas are not all about the overall look of the room! The interior designers go out of their way to imagine the best interior design styles between materials, colors, and styles, to create the unique solution for their clients’ needs. And sometimes, all it takes to elevate an ordinary kitchen room to a more luxurious one are a couple of inspiring upholstered bar stools...those you really want for 2018!



The gourmet Chinese restaurant Sonq Qi is a golden gem in the heart of Monaco. Designed by interior design duo Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet of Humbert & Poyet, the interior was inspired by the power and strength exercised by Song dynasty.  The light-filled space spans over 1,000 sq.ft and features a lush dining garden. Brass lighting, black and white marble floors and silk sofas creates a picture of wealth and luxury.



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All this richness is brought to urban tribes by NAJ upholstered bar chair, a strong contemporary contrect furniture seat full of attitude with straight lines that will fit in every hotel project, as a restaurant or a bar/lounge room, fully upholstered in cotton velvet with nickeled nails.



At The Tilbury Hotel, the mix of vintage pieces, such as pendant lamps, upholstered bar stools with backs, even room dividers, are fresh and elegant in an environment full of modern design pieces, such as minimalist tables, chairs or even outdoor furniture.




Put in practice some of the 2018 interior design trends! Mimi upholstered bar chair, is the sophisticated and flirty girl-next-door of barstools. This simple but sweet barstool’s cozy design hugs your body in cozy upholstery fabric.



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The circular bar under an arch was completely covered with wood, an architectural challenge crowned by a counter made of one piece of marble surrounded by leather upholstered bar chairs.


Fantastic environment in golden hues created by Essential Home with Kelly bar chair with backs and Monocles cabinet and the brightness of Ike pendant lamp by Delightfull. Vintage style is back!




Gable bar stool is part of a larger design collection for the kitchen design room. It features a round polished brass swivel base that contrasts with the dreamy cotton velvet. Its curved low back has some stitched seam accents that give it a stylish look.



More hospitality ideas with Brabbu Contract bar chairs



Collins bar chair is an upholstered bar stool from Essential Home. It is a perfect kitchen decor idea and it can be customized to fit your interior decor.



Kelly upholstered bar chair with backs dazzles in its smooth mustard velvet and long, elegant legs. The glossy black structure, finished with a delicate touch of gold, complements the polished brass nails that adorn the contours of the graceful backrest.



In the heart of Gorky Gorod in Sochi, Russia, Sochi Casino & Resort was born. Decorated in partnership with White House Concept Store, the outstanding decoration puts aside any doubts about the wonderful skills of this interior design studio. The talented designers from White House Concept Store are inspired by contemporary aesthetics, using eclectic pieces to encompass the best of several styles.



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