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New York best bars to go today - Ophelia, an ecletic jewel

New York best bars to go today – Ophelia, an ecletic jewel

On the top of the Panhellenic Beekman Tower, in Manhattan’s Midtown District there is one of New York best bars, the Ophelia Lounge, an […]

Contemporary bar stools

Perfect your home look with these restaurant bar chairs

Restaurant seating is an essential part of any dining establishment. From casual bar chairs to upscale restaurants, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for […]

Ritz Carlton 10 most favourite restaurant bar stools are buzzworthy

Whether you’re travelling the globe or just looking for your next neighborhood lounge, Counter and Bar Stools rounds up the restaurant bar stools that […]

Bar interior design ideas – the best David Collins projects

David Collins, an interior designer and architect, was internationally renowned for the interiors of some of the world’s most famous hotels, restaurants and bars. […]

How to choose the perfect modern kitchen bar stools

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting on a stool that’s the wrong height. Too short, and you feel like Frodo Baggins in Lord of […]

How to refresh your kitchen with modern wood bar stools above 400$

Maybe you’re dreaming of a full kitchen remodel someday, or perhaps you like your current kitchen design area but want to change a few components. If […]

Bar interior design ideas – the best SOSH Architects projects

SOSH Architects was founded in 1979 on the core conviction that quality design continually rewards the community, the project and design team. SOSH Architects […]

5 stools with backs that will get stuck in your head

If you’re a bar stools lover, this article is for you! Stools with backs can awe you in different ways, as the details in […]

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