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04, Aug 2018 by pnogueira

Best lavish Studio Munge bar decor ideas – Akira Back at Toronto

The well-known design firm Studio Munge once again outdid itself with its bar decor ideas. At the heart of Toronto`s vibrant Entertainment District, on the second floor of the newly built hotel Bisha, the new Akira Back restaurant represents the highest expression of the Japanese dining experience.

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Studio Munge‘s design project for the Michelin starred chef Akira Back, leads the visitors through a journey that ignites imagination. The entry from the hotel’s main floor is an extraordinary portal with incredible gold volumes, ending with a sculptural staircase, mirroring a six-tiered ceiling structure with glowing cove lighting.


The journey ends at the sushi bar, an astonishing statement of luxury and modernity. Here, textured carbon black and charcoal tones are thoroughly combined and velvet upholstered bar stools and armchairs together with leathered belvedere marble tables lead the guest through a sensorial experience.

An homage to Japanese culture is payed by the restaurant details. In fact, on the dark side of the restaurant the guest is surrounded by Shou Sugi Ban inspired walls, a centuries old Japanese wood finishing technique which add a touch of soulfulness to the ambience.

Furthermore, to honour the bond between mother and child, a custom mobile waves through the ceiling showcasing original artwork painted by Akira’s mom.

There is no doubt that Studio Munge bar decor ideas always represents a statement of luxury and modernity.  Their design is an astonishing performance that everytime guides the guest through an incredible journey which satisfies both the sight and the touch.

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Written by Sara Lança

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